DVD Two DVDs for the price of one. Hart Parr #3 is a journey. It tells the story of the finding and restoring Hart Parr #3 to completely new condition. This was the first gasoline powered tractor in the U.S. Ride along as the tractor visits town after town to be delivered to it's first public showing in 30 years. The second DVD, Historic Farm Days 03 was held in Penfield, Illinois. While all types of tractors could be found at the I&I tractor & gas engine club annual summer gathering, a huge tribute was paid to the Oliver line. The parade included the Hart Parr #3 the first gasoline engine tractor in America. Interviews include one of the members of the Parr family. He tells how Hart & Parr got together as college chums and created the first gasoline tractor. Enjoy both for only $25.00.