How We Got Started

 We are professional Reporters, Cameramen, Directors and Editors. Every week we make the Televison program "This Week In Agribusiness" with Max Armstrong and Orion Samuelson.  We shoot on high defination cameras and edit on state of the art editing equipment. We have been to every state and over 40 countries to bring agricultural news to our viewers.  Max has inspired us to create professional videos about his favorite hobby which is antique farm equipment.   You will see them on parade and out working in the fields just as they did 40 to 100 years ago.  You will also get to meet the people who brought this old equipment back to life.  The equipment is fascinating and the people are inspiring.  Seeing just how much farming has changed over the years is amazing. Some of our videos are 3 to 4 hours in legnth. There are over 30 DVDS's to choose from, a wide variety of events and equipment is covered.  From horses to horse power, steam to gasoline, one horse to 1000 horse power... we know you will enjoy learning about the heritage of farming.